Tenant Screening Tool

Tenant Screening is very important.  We use underwriting screening criteria which has proven  to lower tenant turnover and reduce other common tenant problems. The screening “Decisioning”  process was developed on an underwriting model of risk management, defining attributes of the potential renter as to their ability to pay rent at a defined level and predictability  that they will pay rent on time. The power of our system  is that it will work in both up and down markets.

R.E.A.L. will pre-screen prospective tenants who come into the system.  If they pass the screening process, the tenant will be given a “Pre-qualified Tenant Card” for a price range of housing.  This card certifies and warrants that the tenant has met certain standards, including background checks for criminal felony, sexual predator conviction, where available checks for eviction history, provides a scoring system based on these and other data bases including credit report.

The landlord reports when generated from this information the system generates a recommendation to lease, lease with conditions, decline, or an “inconclusive” notice, that there is inadequate information available to make a recommendation one way or another.

For the Tenant, it empowers them while shopping for a rental property home.  For the landlord, this card is like a gold level credit card, because when the tenant passes our screening criteria.

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