What Does Charisma Have to Do with It?



Are you a c property manager? Do you try to be everyone’s friend when they rent one of your properties? Most people think Charisma is vital to the relationship between landlord/manager and tenant. However the short term benefits of being everyone’s new best friend are often neutralized by the long-term consequences.

Charisma interferes with judgment. It is said that there are three ways to influence others. They are reason, force or charm. Charm is based on emotional manipulation whereas reason and force are not. (Even when we are forced to do something, we do it for good reason.)

It is important to consider what you want from your tenants and what they want from you. By being clear, concise and business like, you will establish that relationship from the beginning.

Meeting the tenant to show a unit is usually the first face to face contact you will have. Dress for success. Your first impression will set the relationship off to a good start if you show up as a professional. Remember that if this tenant wants the unit and passes tenant screening, that you could have a long term relationship developing. But it is business, strictly business. You will be collecting rents, and possibly utility and other payments every month. You want this tenant to respect and care for the property. You also want this tenant to abide by rules and be sensitive to other tenants and neighbors in the area. All of these details are certainly included in your lease, but when you have a charismatic relationship with your tenants, it is easier for them to smooze you on being able to pay rent late, Or they will tease you out of them not mowing the lawn often enough. You know what I am getting at here.

We suggest that you use our online rent collection so that everything about rent is automated. They cannot call the system and complain that they had a car repair and cannot pay rent on time. They know that the system will send the late notice and attach a late fee automatically. We also recommend that you use the message system to communicate regarding repairs and maintenance, etc. so that there is a record of all communications kept for that tenant. That way no one can ever come back to you and say “You never told me that.”

So the message is that you already have enough friends. Tenants can be acquaintenances, but you are not ever going to be their hero. Put some respectful distance between you and your tenant and you will enjoy your management experience much more