Will I make more money through Airbnb or renting out my property?

First of all, I will establish what kind of property you own or wish to own. If you have a home or a condo or apt and you want to make money renting a room, you will need to check the rules and laws of the association if there is one. By doing this, you will learn whether you are permitted to rent part of your home. If you don’t own your home and are a tenant, you will have to get written permission from your landlord/manager.

Then you need to decide how much you want to have someone else in your space. Renting a room long term can be hard. You would be sharing your home with a stranger basically. If you want to make a bit of extra money, you could offer a room through AirBNB or whatever reservation software you wish to use, several days or weeks a month. You would basically only meet these tenants and they would be gone. But you would be responsible for cleaning and laundry and making sure your place is a bit upscale to get tenants. The rent (tariff) is paid upfront to you after AirBNB takes their cut, so you will get paid. If you decide you don’t like renting your place to strangers, you can always quit. With a long term lease, you would be obligated to endure the lease period.

If you are planning on renting a separate space, like a single family home, whole condo, apartment, you need to start by learning what is and is not allowed in the neighborhood. I say that because many areas have prohibited owners from offering short term rentals because of the increased traffic, parking problems and strangers coming into the neighborhood. But if you find no restrictions, remember that when you rent an investment property through AirBNB or some other short term rental software, it will become a full time job to manage move ins and move outs, cleaning and supplying the unit, keeping up on repairs, baking cookiesfor arriving guests, etc. Many sub that work out to a short term rental property management company, but that cuts into your profits, of course. And you are dependent on whether you get the place rented. If you only get 50% occupancy per month you may not be able to break even on the cost of the rental. Property management for short term rentals is usually 25% of the rent collected because it is so hands on.

On the other hand, you can rent your property longer term. If you are in a resort area, you could rent for a minimum of 1 to 3 months. Or you could do minimum 6 months or 1 year leases. That business model gives you guaranteed income on which you can plan, as long as you choose good tenants who pay rent on time.

And finally, if you are in a high demand area or seasonal demand area, you can rent part of the year using a short term rental registration software and the other part of the year rent to someone longer term. Just remember that the cost is high every time you turn the unit.

So the decision is up to you. How much risk are you willing to take. How much time are you willing to spend. Finally, no matter what you decide, if you do invest in rental real estate, get a good software that allows you to advertise vacancies, gives a tenant screening portal, and does the accounting for you. The short term rental software products do not give you these features. I use Smart Property Systems. It is easy to use, inexpensive and has all of the bells and whistles you will need to be successful. Good Luck.

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