Do You Clean Your Own Vacant Rentals?

Here is a great and inexpensive way to clean your microwave oven:

1 Cup vinegar
1 Cup water

Place in microwave and put on high for 10 minutes
No more spots or smells

Cleaning your microwave


More natural mosquito repellants that you don’t have to smear on your body and even if you did it wouldn’t hurt you!

mosquitos 2

Cut the limes in half and insert the cloves. Squish the limes slightly to release some juice and place them
where you don’t want the mosquitoes to be.


You can save your Picnic or your Property from the swarm:

how to get rid of wasps


Here is a  tip that can help get caked grease and even burned on grease off of your kitchen appliances and more:


How to clean burned on grease in the kitchen