Smart Property Systems

Investment in real estate is usually considered a superior option for growth of one’s net worth and creating a diversified investment portfolio over time. The gurus of “how to buy investment property” have touted the fact that you can invest a little money and have your tenants pay your mortgage, for many years now. If you follow their plan, you end up owning the property free of encumbrance and it provides a comfortable retirement income for the rest of your life. But….

Many new investors are not prepared for the management aspect of owning rental properties and find the tasks so daunting and confusing, that they end up not making money, getting discouraged and having to sell the property with little gain or even a loss. Smart Property Systems has one basic goal. We provide software which automates and streamlines the whole rental process, whether the owner is new to property management or a veteran. Our system is so robust that property managers who have thousands of units are using our system to reduce the work load, and the potential for errors and omissions in their day to day chores with the management process . Yet our platform can be used by a first time investor with only one property to help guide them through what is needed to run a “tight ship” and maximize the potential of the property to return a profit.

Our first product is Smart Property Systems ( ), providing critical services to owners and property managers, while supporting tenant needs as well. This award winning platform is a product for which users pay a monthly subscription fee. That fee allows access to all services provided in a cloud application. The cloud is a virtual server, so to speak, in that all data is stored in a PCI compliant secure server (very tight security) which the user can access from any internet connection at any time. This feature is important to users for many reasons. The user can access his management information if he is travelling or if he has had an emergency call and is not in the office. The user can literally be anywhere on the planet and still have control of his whole rental property world because all information is in the cloud and not stuck on a computer in the office.

Smart Property Systems also offers an affiliate program for sales of the subscription services. Some affiliate sites are offered under the Smart Property Systems URL and others are white labeled. For more information regarding affiliate opportunities, contact .

Our company is always in the process of creating and designing new offerings in varied sectors of the real estate ownership market. We will soon be offering products to help owners keep distressed properties with professional over site. We will certainly be the first to reveal this bold new plan as soon as it is ready to be launched.

You are cordially invited to visit our flagship product and platform at Our top notch customer service professionals will welcome you there with information and training.